Energy Efficient Home Cooling

Most older Bay Area homes have oversized and inefficient cooling systems. Upgrading to a new ac unit, mini split or whole house fan can improve the your home’s energy efficiency by 20%–50%. This will reduce your utility bills and make your home more comfortable.

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A Happy Homeowner in Berkeley

A happy energy efficient home in Berkeley

The drafty old house is cozy now, and my gas bill is lower! I’ve had a lot of home contractors in and out of my 110-year-old rattletrap North Berkeley house over the years, but the AHE crew distinguished themselves as the top.

−Harry A.


Complete Home Cooling Solutions

Many homeowners need more than new equipment to satisfy their home cooling needs. Looking at your home as a complete system is the best way to make it as energy efficient and comfortable as possible.

By sealing your duct system, we can reduce the size of a new cooling equipment. The equipment wont be overtaxed and you wont loose cool air through leaky ducts.

A properly insulated and air sealed home keeps the cool in and the heat out. Your equipment will run less and your home will retain a more even temperature. Plus, sealing leaks in your home can also improve indoor air quality.

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Our Cooling Services


We are Home Cooling Experts

Our home performance experts will evaluate your whole home and all its energy needs. They’ll use building science during a free estimate or energy audit to design a plain specific to you. The result will be recommendations that will be both cost effective and energy efficient.

Plus, because of our expertise, we can offer rebates and financing that not all contractors can.

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