Get Up To $2,250 per Unit in Multifamily Rebates!

Confused about the different multifamily rebates available in the Bay Area? BayREN, Energy Upgrade California, PG&E, and others have offered programs. Each has changed periodically and has limited funding. It’s no wonder it’s hard to keep up which energy efficiency rebate might work for you. We can help you navigate these multifamily housing programs, and we can help to get you the maximum rebate.

But you must contact us at (510) 540-4860 before you start your project.


A Happy Property Manager

We needed to upgrade the old windows at our property and we requested a bid from Advanced Home Energy. Not only did they provide a cost-effective proposal, but they went the extra mile to enroll us in a rebate program to help pay for the project. We ended up installing new windows, LED lighting and upgrading the attic insulation in all 40 units of the property. Thanks to these upgrades, residents enjoy a higher quality of living this winter. We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of work and excellent service provided by Advanced Home Energy.

Michael Dismuke, Eden Housing


Multifamily Rebate Case Studies

a building at Huntwood Commons in Hayward, CA

Huntwood Commons→

  • Location: Hayward, CA
  • Units: 40
  • Program: BayREN Multifamily Rebates
  • Retrofits: Energy Efficient Windows,
    LED Lighting, Attic Insulation
  • Cost: $100,000
  • Rebate: $30,000
  • Project Subsidized: 30%
  • Energy Savings: 10.5%
the welcome sign at Josephine Lum Lodge senior housing in Hayward, CA

Josephine Lum Lodge→

  • Location: Hayward, CA
  • Units: 150
  • Program: PG&E Multifamily Rebates 
  • Retrofits: LED Lighting, Appliances, Water Saving Devices, High Efficiency Water Heaters
  • Cost: $112,000
  • Rebate: $112,000
  • Project Subsidized: 100%
  • Energy Savings: 21.9%

The Process

Most programs go through the same basic process. Regardless, it’s important to to see if your project prequalifies before you start. Each step is necessary. Multifamily rebates are not retroactive. Completed work is not eligible for these programs.

Step 1⇒



Step 2⇒


Step 3⇒


Step 4⇒


Step 5⇒



We are Multifamily Energy Efficiency Experts

No all contractors can to do the work. AHE is a participating contractor in these program. Plus, residential energy efficiency has been our business for almost 10 years. Our goal is to not only get you the maximum rebate. We also want to maximize your energy savings. Plus, we want to make your tenants more comfortable and happier.

Our past multifamily clients include Habitat For Humanity, Eden Housing, EAH Housing, and the Community Housing Development Corporation (CHDC).

All multifamily rebate programs have limited funding. Call us at (510) 540-4860 before the money runs out.


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