Heating & Cooling Depend on Good Duct Systems

Energy efficient HVAC systems depend on quality duct work. Without properly sealed and balanced ducts, a new shiny piece of heating or cooling equipment cannot provide real comfort and efficiency. Duct leakage is not only an efficiency issue but also a significant issue for indoor air quality and home comfort. To achieve your goals in home performance, we ensure you have properly sealed by conducting duct testing before and after our duct work.

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Customer Testimonial

First and foremost, it seems my family’s allergies are much improved. After literally years of endless itchy eyes, coughing and sneezing (beginning each evening), my daughters and I have some relief! I’m certain this work has made a huge impact on better air quality in our home. We’ve lost the musty smell too, that greeted us whenever we came home from a weekend away or a vacation. Moreover, we no longer feel cold when the thermostat says we should be warm, and the temperature overall is much more even in the house.

…My only regret is not doing these improvements earlier!” –

Rachael F. in Berkeley, CA


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Ductwork & Energy Efficiency

  • “You can lose up to 60% of your heated air before it reaches the register if your ducts aren’t insulated and they travel through unheated spaces such as the attic or crawlspace.” -U.S Dept. of Energy
  • Duct systems in older homes in the Bay Area leak an average of 30-40%. That’s like throwing away $0.40 for every dollar you spend on heating!

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Efficient Ducts Mean Comfortable Homes

  • Fixing the leaks can provide more air flow to the rooms where you want it. A common complaint is that some rooms are too hot/cold or don’t receive enough air flow.
  • To help balance the system and deliver correct airflow to individual rooms, we can adjust the in-line dampers on the furnace to redirect the heat where you want it. If you have an older duct system, you may need to have dampers installed in order to do this.

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Sealed Ducts & Indoor Air Quality

  • Leaky HVAC air ducts are often located in the attic or crawlspace. This can cause major indoor air quality issues.
  • Damp crawlspace can cause mold growth and high humidity. When the furnace goes on, the leaky duct system can draw this unhealthy air and distribute it throughout the house.
  • Many duct systems here in the San Francisco Bay Area are asbestos – a dangerous carcinogen when it becomes airborne. Since air ducts experience a lot of air movement asbestos can easily become dislodged and blown into the house.

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