Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

Not every part of the Bay Area needs Central Air Conditioning. But in areas that do, air conditioning can significantly add to your utility bills. And inefficient and oversized Air Conditioning System can make your bills even worse. Plus your home won’t be as cool and comfortable as possible.

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A Happy Homeowner in Fairfield, CA

a happy home in Fairfield

Everyone at AHE was professional and responsive to our needs. They went the extra mile to ensure that we would be eligible for the $4000 Energy Upgrade rebates by hitting a 40% efficiency improvement, which lowered the cost considerably.

−Dovi A.


A Better Air Conditioning System

Installing new Air Conditioning equipment won’t work well if there are other issues. Old leaky ductwork won’t efficiently deliver cool air to all your rooms. New and air tight ductwork will. A home that lacks insulation and air sealing won’t keep the cool in or the hot out. A well insulated home will. You may need more than a new ac unit. A free estimate or energy audit can help determine what your home needs.

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Learn More Before You Replace Your Air Conditioner


We are Building Energy Efficiency Experts

The employees here at Advanced Home Energy are certified building science specialists. That means we test and evaluate homes based on home performance principals. Our experts look at your home as a whole system of interrelated parts.

Our recommendations will be specific to your home and your needs. If you don’t need a new air conditioner, we won’t recommend it. We may instead recommend a better and more cost effective alternative.

Regardless of our recommendations we can also help you find the money to pay for the work. We offer full financing and rebate assistance.

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