Energy Upgrade California Advanced Home Upgrade

Advanced Home Upgrade: PG&E Rebates Up to $6,500

Homeowners who select a participating contractor, like Advanced Home Energy, to install upgrades modeling 10% energy savings or more can qualify for up to $6,500 back. Choose the upgrades that fit your needs and budget to permanently lower your energy consumption. The more you invest, the greater your savings!

Energy Upgrade California Advanced Home Upgrade

How Does the Advanced Home Upgrade Program Work?

  1. Select a qualified Participating Contractor, like Advanced Home Energy.
  2. Have a home energy audit to evaluate your home’s energy saving potential.
  3. Choose your upgrades: Heating/Cooling, Insulation, Water Heaters, Windows, Draft Sealing, etc.
  4. Let us take care of all the paperwork, and you receive your $1,000 – $6,500 incentive check from PG&E!
  • Plus: Receive an additional $300 Energy Audit Rebate.

Rebate Levels:

Energy Savings Rebate Amount
10% $1,000
15% $1,500
20% $2,000
25% $2,500
30% $3,000
35% $3,500
40% $4,000
45% $4,500
50% $5,000
55% $5,500
60% $6,000
65% $6,500

What Are The Benefits?

  • Lower utility bills.
  • Enjoy a more comfortable home.
  • Upgrade old, inefficient appliances.
  • Reduce environmental impact.
  • Increase home value.
  • Support local, sustainable jobs.
  • Be part of the green building movement!

Who Qualifies?

PG&E customers, including those in MCE territories, who choose a home upgrade project with a potential 10-65% energy reduction.

Client Testimonial: Oakland Energy Upgrade California Project

Watch this video to hear Quannon and Jenny’s experience upgrading their Oakland home with the Advanced Home Upgrade Program.


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