Is a Mini Split Right for Your Home?

If you’ve traveled a lot overseas, you’ve most likely seen Ductless Mini Splits. Now you’re starting to see them stateside because they are easy to install and incredibly efficient for both heating and cooling. Mini Splits aren’t new to Advanced Home Energy though, we’ve installed countless systems in the Bay Area. We think they work so well, we have them installed in our own offices.

Good for Smaller Spaces

Mini Splits are good for remodels and additions. Some examples include:

  • Offices
  • Finished Garages
  • In Law or Rental Units
  • Out Buildings

In these cases, if your current heating system is working well and is not in need of replacement, it might be best to condition the new space with an additional appliance. It’s not always that simple to add another duct and register. Also, you could overtax the old system that was designed for the original floorplan. Finally, there’s no need for extensive modifications of existing ductwork or for difficult to run new equipment.

Great for Super Efficient Homes

A new energy efficient home or one that has lots of energy efficient work done are perfect for Mini Splits.

  • Well insulated and air sealed.
  • Efficient individually controlled units for optimum comfort.
  • Great when paired with solar for super green heating.

Ductless or Ducted Mini Splits

Ductless Mini Splits are most common. They consist of a head unit that looks similar to an old air conditioning unit or an old hotel room heater. These units are simple to install, mostly because you don’t need room for ductwork. But some people want a cleaner look or there might be an issue finding a spot for the head unit. These situations call for Ducted Mini Splits. This is where the unit is installed in an attic or crawl and then short ductwork supplies heating and cooling to your living spaces.

The AHE Difference

  • We Can Help You Decide: Whether for a new space or as part of a comprehensive set of energy efficiency upgrades, we can help you decide on your options. We will properly size your mini-split system and find the best location in your home. We can also help you decide if a different heating system, like a furnace, might be better for your situation. We won’t try to sell you one solution because that’s all we do.
  • Rebates & Financing: Think you might be interested in a Mini Split as part of a set of energy efficiency upgrades, but not sure how to pay for it all? We can help you find the money to do all the upgrades you need. Not all contractors can offer the Rebates and Financing that we can. Plus we will help you navigate the programs.

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