Should You Stick with a Storage Tank Water Heater?

Tankless and Hybrid Water Heaters are great. Sometimes though, the tried and true Storage Tank Water Heaters may be best. A well made, efficient unit can still save you money. We love the newer technology. But, at AHE, we still think Traditional Tank Water Heaters can still meet the needs in many Bay Area homes.


Tank Water Heater Advantages

  • Still Energy Efficient: A new Storage Tank Water Heater can lower your heating costs by 10-50%.
  • Lower Upfront Costs: Storage Tank Water Heaters cost much less than Tankless or Hybrid units.
  • Easy, Quick Install: Tankless and Hybrid models can cost more money to install.
  • No Low Flow Issues: Hot water goes straight from the reserve tank right to the sink.

Tank Water Heater Disadvantages

  • Can’t Meet High, Variable Demand: Tankless and Hybrids can run all day and never run out of hot water.
  • Standby Loss: Efficient and well insulated Tank Water Heaters still lose heat.

The AHE Difference

  • We Can Help You Decide: Will a Traditional Storage Tank Water Heater work for your situation? If not, we can help you figure out another solution. One of the newer technologies might be a better fit. We won’t try and sell you one Water Heater over another if it doesn’t make sense for you.
  • Safety & Health: Your safety and health are a big concern at AHE. We check that all gas water heaters are safe after installation. We are BPI Compliance Safety testing trained. Every job is done to code and permitted as necessary.
  • Rebates & Financing: Do you want to do other energy efficiency upgrades when you replace your Tank Water Heater? We can also help you find the funding to do them. Other contractors can’t offer the Rebates and Financing that we can. Plus we know how to navigate the programs.

Don’t wait until that old Water Heater dies. Contact us NOW to chat about Water Heating or to schedule your Energy Audit or a FREE site visit.


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