Are Hybrid Water Heaters the Best for Your Home?

So, your old traditional water heater doesn’t meet the demands of your hot water consuming family. But you’ve heard from your neighbors and friends that their tankless water heaters are not perfect either. There is a possible solution. Newer Hybrid Water Heaters are a combination of the two: on demand water heating with a small reserve tank. These units are not new to Advanced Home Energy. We’ve installed countless hybrid water heaters over the last few years.


Same Advantages as Tankless

  • Steady Supply: Hybrid Water Heaters never run out of hot water.
  • Reduce Water Bills: Hybrids reduce water costs up to 50%.
  • Lower Utility Bills: Hybrids don’t have the same standby loss as traditional water heaters.
  • Long Life Span: Hybrids last up to 20 years.Twice as long as Tank-Style.
  • Saves Space: Hybrids are smaller and save valuable floor space.
  • More Durable: Hybrids process hard minerals better, making them less likely to leak.
  • High Demand: Hybrids will let you wash clothes, do laundry, and take showers all at once.

…But Even Better

  • No Low Flow Lag: Quick tasks, like washing hands, use hot water from the reserve tank.
  • Easier Install: Gas units don’t need a bigger gas line.
  • Super Energy Efficient: Hybrid Water Heaters can be even more efficient than Tankless.
  • Works Great with Solar PV: Hybrids can be paired with solar for carbon neutral water heating.

What are the Downsides to Hybrid Water Heaters?

  • Higher Upfront Costs: Hybrid Water Heater units are more expensive than both Tank and Tankless.
  • Noiser: They aren’t a good choice next to bedrooms or for those bothered by noise.
  • Need More Space: Heat pump version needs more space than Tankless.

The AHE Difference

  • We Can Help You Decide: Is a Hybrid Water Heater right for your situation? If not, we can help you figure out another solution. A More Efficient or Bigger Traditional Water Heater or a Tankless might be a better fit. Or maybe something simpler like a recirculation pump or pipe insulation would meet your needs. We won’t try and sell you one solution over another if it doesn’t make sense for you.
  • Safety & Health: At AHE, your safety and health are a big concern. We make sure all gas water heaters are safe after installation. We check all our work and are BPI Compliance Safety testing trained. Every job is done to code and permitted as necessary.
  • Rebates & Financing: Are you looking to do other energy efficient upgrades at the same time? We can also help you find the money to do them. Not all contractors can offer the Rebates and Financing that we can. Plus we will help you navigate the programs.

Stop running out of hot water. Contact us NOW to chat about Water Heaters or to schedule your Energy Audit or FREE site visit.


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