Can a Tankless Water Heater Meet Your Needs?

Do you frequently run out of hot water? Curious about the buzz on Tankless Water Heaters? Tankless Water Heaters supply an unlimited amount of hot water and are incredibly efficient. But they can have unexpected downsides. At Advanced Home Energy, we are water heating experts. We can talk you through the pros and cons of installing a Tankless Water Heater in your Bay Area home.


The Advantages of Tankless Hot Water Heaters

  • Lower Cost to Operate: Tankless Water Heaters only heat the water you use.
  • Unlimited Supply: Tankless heat up water as you need it.
  • Waste Less Water: Tankless can lower water use up to 50%.
  • No Standby Loss: Tankless does not have water that losses heat while it’s waiting to be used.
  • Fits in Smaller Spaces: Tankless can be installed outdoors, in small closets, and are great for multi-unit dwellings with space challenges.
  • Safer: Tankless eliminate the temptation to turn the heat up to try and make hot water last longer.
  • Last Longer: Tankless last up to 20 years vs. 10 years for a Tank-Style.
  • Variable Demand: Tankless are great when hot water use is inconsistent, like vacation homes.

The Downsides

  • Low Flow Lag: Situations like washing your hands may not trigger hot water or may lower water pressure.
  • Lag Time: Paired with long water lines, typical in US homes, can cause hot water delays.
  • Cold Water Sandwich: A section of cold water between two sections of hot.
  • May Not Keep Up with Demand: Electric versions have issues keeping up with high demands.
  • Expensive Installation: Even more expensive if a larger gas line is needed.
  • More Upkeep: Tankless need to be serviced more often.

The AHE Difference

  • We Can Help You Decide: Despite the downsides, a Tankless Water Heater could be the right solution to your water heating needs. Downsides can be overcome. Recirculation pumps and multiple installs for different uses can help Tankless Water Heaters perform better. But a Traditional Storage Water Heater or Hybrid Water Heater might meet your needs better. Regardless, we won’t try and sell you one Water Heater over another if it doesn’t make sense for your situation.
  • Safety & Health: Your safety and health are a big concern at AHE. We check that all gas water heaters are safe after installation. We are BPI Compliance Safety testing trained. Every job is done to code and permitted as necessary.
  • Rebates & Financing: Do you want to do other energy efficiency upgrades while you have your water heater replaced? We can also help you find the funding to do them. Not all contractors can’t offer the Rebates and Financing that we can. Plus we will help you navigate the programs.

Never run out of hot water again. Contact us NOW to chat about Water Heating or to schedule your Energy Audit or FREE site visit.


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