Do You Need Wall Insulation?

Is your home too drafty? Or a home that gets too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? Many homes in the Bay Area lack wall insulation. No wall insulation causes homes to be drafty and uncomfortable especially in the summer and winter months. Insulated house walls provide a more comfortable home for your family. Insulating your walls will also reduce your utility bills since the heater or air conditioner won’t need to be on as long. During the Bay Area’s hot summer months, wall insulation keeps the cool air inside. This is especially important on the South and West facing walls of your home where the sun hits hardest. Insulated walls reduce the heat that enters your house making your home more comfortable. Wall insulation can have the added benefit of reducing sound from street.


San Francisco Wall Insulation Project

It’s been 2 weeks since we’ve been insulated, and it’s a huge, noticeable difference. We’re still enshrouded in fog every day, but our heater doesn’t come on EVERY morning (like it used to). On those mornings when we do have to have heat, the heat stays in longer, so we usually only go through one cycle on the heater.

Christina in San Francisco, CA


Drill & Fill Wall Insulation

Drill and Fill insulating is a process used to insulate walls without having to open them up. By using a loose fill material like cellulose, we ensure the walls receive tightly packed insulation with no gaps. After the insulation is blown in, the walls are sealed and given a rough patch seal. This process can be accomplished even on some of the small narrow San Francisco Victorians.

Batt Wall Insulation

Depending on your home’s design it might be more practical to install denim batts into the walls. This can be done during a home remodel or on older houses where the design creates an unused crawl space on the outside of a room. Proper installation of denim batts creates a barrier with between the rooms in your home and the outside environment.

Wet Spray Wall Insulation

Wet spray wall insulation is a technique used to achieve the same full, seamless coverage on open walls that we do with drill and fill. A small amount of water is mixed in with loose-fill recycled cellulose and then sprayed directly into the wall. The moisture allows to the cellulose to adhere to the wall while the loose-fill material allows us to fill in every nook and cranny – creating a fully insulated space with no gaps.

Watch the process here:

Wall Insulation using Cellulose Wet Spray


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