Home Upgrade Rebates

Home Upgrade Rebates Up to $3,000

Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade rebate

The Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade program is a rebate system based on points. Eligible upgrades are assigned a value based on the potential energy saving of that upgrade. You select from a menu of energy efficiency upgrades that best meets your needs. Then an approved contractor, like Advanced Home Energy, will need to install the upgrades. Participating contractors must perform the work according to the Building Performance Institute’s standards. AHE is a full-service energy efficiency contractor. We can handle all the details of securing your rebate.

Plus: Receive an extra $150 for Safety Testing.

For details, visit the official program website at www.bayareaenergyupgrade.org

Upgrades Available Through Home Upgrade

BayREN Home Upgrade projects must add up to 100- 300 points and each point is equal to $10.

Each Home Upgrade must include at least one of the these energy efficiency upgrades:

  • Duct sealing (25 pts)
  • Duct replacement (65 pts)
  • Whole building air sealing (25 – 45 pts)
  • Attic insulation and air sealing (55 pts)

You can get additional Home Upgrade rebates by including any of these upgrades:

  • Wall insulation (50 pts)
  • Floor insulation (55 pts)
  • Duct insulation (40 pts)
  • Furnace replacement (60 pts)
  • Air conditioner replacement (65 pts)
  • Replace water heater with a gas powered storage water heater (20 pts)
  • Replace water heater with a gas on-demand water heater (90 pts)
  • Replace water heater with a electric storage water heater (40 pts)

Don’t see an upgrade you want? The Energy Upgrade California® Advanced Home Upgrade Rebate might be a better option for you. The Advanced Home Upgrade program is an expanded program that also includes upgrades for windows, lighting upgrades, pool pumps and more.

Give us a call at (510) 540-4860 to find out if you are a good candidate or  to schedule your free walk-through assessment.


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