Energy Efficient Wood Windows

Retrofit wood windows can match the look of your former windows while providing all the benefits of an energy efficient window. Wood replacement windows can come in a range of wood types and colors and can always be painted later if you want to change the color. Our wood retro fit windows are moderately priced and have good insulating value. The downside is that they require on-going maintenance such as yearly staining and painting. The ongoing maintenance adds to the long-term cost.


Wood-Clad Windows

A nice alternative for people who like the look of wood but prefer a low-maintenance option is a wood-clad window. The cladding goes on the outside of the window and is typically made of aluminum or fiberglass while the inside remains exposed wood. This offers the best of both worlds, but the price increases.

Replacement Wood Windows & Glass Doors

There are a wide range of options that we offer and install. Well-established manufacturers with quality retrofit wood windows include Marvin Ultimate Series and Marvin Tilt Pac windows. These are the most common wood windows that we install for homeowners looking for wood window replacement choices. All the windows that we install qualify for the Federal energy efficiency tax credit of up to $1,500.


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