Solar Thermal

Are you looking to make your home more green and environmentally friendly? Or are you looking for an efficient way to reduce your home utility bills? If you answered yes then solar thermal heating systems could be a great choice for you. These systems are an efficient renewable energy source that are most commonly used to heat pools and domestic hot water, but can also be used to heat your home.


How It Works

Solar thermal systems turn the sun’s radiation into heat then transfer that heat into either air or water. Collectors on your home’s roof capture the sun’ energy. The heat gathered by these collectors heats the water contained inside the storage tanks. The heated water is shared with a buffer storage tank that keeps the water hot and allows your home’s water to be heated at night as well as during the day when the sun is out. Solar thermal systems epitomize energy efficiency since they are 100% carbon free and renewable and contribute nothing bad to the the environment. The technology has been steadily improving and very soon homes will be able to use solar thermal collectors to power electrical appliance in addition to just heating water.

Home Solar Thermal

It is estimated that over 75% homes in America can take advantage of solar thermal systems. Solar thermal systems for water heaters and even air conditioning have grown popular in many parts of the world particularly in Germany and Denmark. They are growing popular because over the long term they provide a consistent source for heating water and eventually power electric systems that is 100% renewable. A solar thermal system provides your home with a sustainable energy solution for heating your water and pool.

System Installation

Advanced Home Energy installs solar thermal heating systems for home owners seeking to go green or just interested in a consistent source of hot water that isn’t going to add to utility bills. As part of our home energy audit we assess your home’s potential to benefit from solar thermal systems. They are most cost effective in homes that use a high volume of water on a regular basis. But at lower volumes of water, it could be simpler and less expensive to pair PV with electric water heating.

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