Does Your Home Need a New Furnace?

Is your furnace old, noisy, or rusty? Does it cycle on and off or run all day without heating up your home? Do you have high energy bills and still are uncomfortable? It might be time to replace your furnace. Advanced Home Energy has been fixing Bay Area heating issues for almost a decade.


Most Furnaces are Too Big

When it comes to heating and cooling equipment, bigger is not always better. In the Bay Area, it’s not unusual to find furnaces twice as big as needed. If your furnace turns on and off over and over again for short periods, your’s might be too big as well. A right sized furnace provide consistent and comfortable temperatures at lower costs of ownership. At Advanced Home Energy, we won’t swap out your oversized furnace for one of the same size. We will size your furnace to your home. If a contractor isn’t measuring your home before your furnace replacement,  they aren’t doing the same.

A Good Furnace Works as Part of a System

Besides being sized right, for a furnace to do its job well and be as efficient as possible, it has to work as part of a system. Just swapping out a furnace doesn’t address the ductwork or the insulation in your home. It is not uncommon for us to lower your heating bill 30-50% AND make your home more comfortable.

An Old or Poorly Built Home with a New Furnace

  • Leaky Ductwork: On average up to 30-50%.
  • Under Insulated Ductwork:  Up to 60% of heat loss, if in attic or crawl.
  • Drafty Home: Up to 75% of heated air lost to the outside every hour.
  • Under Insulated Home: Compromised, poorly installed, or done to old build standards.

 An Energy Efficient Home with a New Furnace

  • Air Tight Ductwork: Code is 15%, we strive for under 10%.
  • Well Insulated Ductwork: Up to 4 times the insulation.
  • Air Sealing a Home: Up to a 30% reduction.
  • Well Insulated Home: New, properly installed and done beyond building standards.

The AHE Difference

  • We Can Help You Decide: Advanced Home Energy uses building science to look at all the energy issues in your home to find the simplest, most cost effective solution. The goal is to make your home safer, less expensive to operate, and meet your comfort needs. We won’t try to sell you one solution because that’s all we do.
  • Safety & Health: At AHE, your safety and health are a big concern. We make sure all gas furnaces are safe after installation. We check all our work and are BPI Compliance Safety testing trained. Every job is done to code and permitted as necessary.
  • Rebates & Financing: Seem like you might need more than just a furnace to lower your utility bill and make you comfortable? We can help you find the money to do all the upgrades you need. Not all contractors can offer the Rebates and Financing that we can. Plus we will help you navigate the programs.

Don’t spend another day in your cold home. Contact us NOW to chat about Furnaces or to schedule your Energy Audit or a FREE site visit.


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