Efficient & Economical Whole House Fans

In moderate climates like the San Francisco Bay Area, we think Whole House Fans work great. They use fresh cool evening air to push your home’s hot stuffy air out through the attic. All for a tenth of the operating cost of air conditioning.

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A Happy Customer in Oakland, CA

a happy home in Oakland

Excellent work. Everyone that works at AHE is professional and always made sure if I had any problems they addressed the issue right away.



Whole House Fans Work Best As Part of a System

Whole House Fans work great in the right climate. Yet they work even better in an energy efficient home. If your home is well insulated and air sealed for drafts, it will stay cooler longer.

An air tight house will also improve indoor air quality for your family. Your Whole House Fan won’t pull dirty musty air in from the attic or crawl if your home is air tight. Only fresh clean air will be pulled in to make your home cool and comfortable.

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Learn More Before You Get A Whole House Fan


We are Home Energy Experts

Advanced Home Energy is a Home Performance Contractor. That means we use building science to test and evaluate homes. We don’t just guess.

Our goal is to make your home cool while also lowering your utility bills.  We will work with you to find the best solution to meet your cooling needs and your budget.  If our energy expert doesn’t think a Whole House Fan will work for you, they won’t sell you one.

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