Does Your Home Need an Energy Audit?

Energy Assessments (also called energy audits or energy efficiency audits) are the first step in upgrading your home’s performance. To accurately design a home energy efficiency upgrade plan suited to your needs, we must first diagnose the current state of your home. Then using principles of building science we recommend a unique upgrade plan customized to fulfill your needs.

A home energy audit (or home energy assessment) measures the current performance of your home. First, we evaluate all systems that impact energy consumption. We use the latest diagnostic equipment related to building science. Then we identify issues and help you prioritize goals for your home’s energy efficiency, comfort, and lower PG&E bills. An Energy Audit takes between 4-6 hours depending on the size of your home.

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Included in Your Energy Audit

  • Blower Door Test to measure the amount and location of air leakage in the home.
  • Duct Leakage Test to measure the amount of leakage in the furnace or A/C duct system and identify specific leakage areas.
  • Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) Safety Test  for carbon monoxide and gas safety issues at all combustion appliances (eg: furnace, water heater, stove, etc).
  • Building Modeling using sophisticated software to model your home’s structure and determine the areas of greatest heat and cooling loss.
  • Insulation Inspection to identify potential leaks in thermal boundary in the attic, walls and floor that are allowing heat or cooled air to escape.
  • Utility Bill Analysis of PG&E utility bills and consumption patterns.
  • Infrared Scan uses a thermal camera to diagnose areas of air leakage, missing insulation and construction defects.
  • Lighting Inspection to determine opportunities for replacing incandescent lights with more energy efficient compact fluorescent or LED lighting.
  • (Optional) Solar Inspection to determine if the house is a good candidate for solar panels and if appropriate provide a Solar PV analysis.
  • Picture Documentation of any issues and findings.
  • Energy Audit Report with analysis, pictures and prioritized work scope to increase your home energy efficiency.

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Energy Audit Tests


After the Home Energy Audit

After conducting the home audit and discussing your unique energy needs, we provide you with several energy efficiency upgrade options. We help you review the information necessary to select the energy saving plan that best increases your health, savings, and comfort. As home performance contractors, we work with the bigger picture of your home energy efficiency in mind. We offer a full range of green home services from the basics to the most advanced to help create your energy efficient home.

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