Home Performance

Energy Efficient Home Performance

What is Home Performance?

Home Performance means applying building science to residential homes. Home performance views the whole house as a high performance system that can be optimized for efficiency, comfort and health. The key to home performance is analyzing the entire house as an integrated system rather than simply looking at each specific part in isolation. By using the latest in diagnostic testing equipment building analysts identify the precise issues with your specific home. By gathering specific data on your home, building analysts can prepare customized upgrade plans that address the specific issues of your home. Home performance analysts look at these specific areas:

  • Energy Efficiency of the Whole House as a System
  • Factors Affecting Comfort of the Inhabitants
  • Durability of Home Construction
  • Healthy Indoor Air Quality

The High Performance Home

High performance homes are very comfortable, energy efficient and safe and healthy for your family. The high performance home is also a green home. By implementing the best practices of advanced building science to home construction and home upgrades, the carbon footprint and energy use of the house is greatly reduced.

  • Advanced diagnosis of your specific home with building science diagnostic equipment and software modeling.
  • Above code R-value of insulation in attic, walls and floors. This ensures maximum comfort for least amount of heating and cooling use. Preferably recycled insulation.
  • A High Efficiency HVAC system properly sized for your home’s heating and cooling loads. This includes a professional quality duct system installed for optimal efficiency.
  • Dual pane windows that effectively keep the cold air out in winter and hot air out in summer.
  • LED and high efficiency lighting that reduces the amount of electricity to achieve the same result.
  • Extensive air and moisture sealing. This ensures proper amount of infiltration of air into and out of the home while keeping moisture to acceptable levels which reduces mold.
  • Energy recovery ventilation systems maintain a steady supply of fresh air into a home after it has been properly air sealed. This ensures clean healthy fresh air and improves indoor climate control.

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