Energy Upgrade California Rebates

PG&E’s Energy Upgrade California rebates can save you up to $6,500, or more, on efficiency upgrades. But to qualify, you must begin the process before starting work on your home. Don’t wait until after you’ve hired a contractor or opened your walls. You can only use approved contractors and your home must be documented before demolition.

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Oakland Energy Upgrade California Project


Bay Area Efficiency Rebate Options

Bay Area PG&E customers, including those in the Marin Clean Energy (MCE) territory, have the option of two Energy Upgrade California rebate programs. Both incentivize homeowners to do multiple upgrades at once to maximize energy savings.

The Home Upgrade Program is for more basic and common upgrades. It uses a simpler, points-based system to calculate your rebate. The Advanced Home Upgrade Program is for more intense energy efficiency retrofits. It calculates your rebate based on a percentage estimate of energy savings.


Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade rebate


Home Upgrade Program Basics

  • Upgrade rebates of up to $3,000
  • Additional rebate of $150 available for required safety testing
  • Each qualified upgrade is worth a certain number of points.
  • Must include at least one base measure and three upgrades total.
  • Eligible upgrades include insulation, ductwork, air sealing, water heaters, and furnace and air conditioner replacements.

Energy Upgrade California Advanced Home Upgrade


Advanced Home Upgrade Program Basics

  • Upgrade rebates of up to $6,500
  • Additional rebate of $300 available for home energy audit
  • Rebates are based on computer modeling of estimated energy savings after an energy audit.
  • Can include one measure or many that result in at least 10% in modeled savings.
  • Eligible upgrades include almost anything that can make your home more efficient: windows, lighting, whole house fans, cool roofs, and more.

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We Are Home Energy Experts

Advanced Home Energy is an approved contractor for the Energy Upgrade California/PG&E program. We have upgraded more than 1,000 buildings and processed over $5 million in rebates.

We will design and install the best home efficiency upgrades for you. We are certified building science specialists. That means we test and evaluate homes based on home performance principals. Then we will come up with a plan to get you the maximum rebate and energy savings for your budget.

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